Grant Jack

Based in Cambridge New Zealand, Grant develops pictures through automatic drawing (doodling).

With this process decisions are made organically without preconception of what a viewer might be looking for in a work of art.

We teach children how to draw by showing them how to make things appear realistic, well rendered, and in perspective. When in truth, their vision may have been better served when the focus wasn't on decoration, compositional formality, ‘balance’ or over-embellishment. 

Art perceived as doodling has been viewed as a poor (homeless?) cousin to the other visual arts, or as a means to their end. Devalued due to its apparent naivety or hasty conception. 

The prints grant makes from these doodles are almost a souvenir of the drawings. But they’re more than that as they expand on more of what the intention of the drawing was graphically. Simple, unadorned and nontechnical.